zeta man

You often hear of the nice guy, alpha man, sigma, blah, blah …and all say the same. Is like if you have seen a tutorial like this you saw them all. The truth is that at the core there are right. Scientifically is proven, in general here are right. But how those things can help you? We are very complex and categorizing someone in a few types of man in this situation, is not cool at all. You learn what you could do in a certain situation in order to get a girl but this means that you have to change the way you are and this argues one of the most important things in their quest and a very important rule in life. Is that we really have to be ourselves. So now what? Yes, try to be one in all be Zeta man.

not really…

To know where to stop you need to know your limitation,no?Not so true no.If that was the case would have lived in a boring world with limited things.Instead we are living in a great world.Because the human being has in its nature the will to overcome boundaries the strength that lies inside sometimes not even know it. They are creating extraordinary things making this special place to live in,just by not give up.I will now toast for all of you beautiful human beings for this superbs times we live in now.

The world in a cup

I often think the world should feel like a cup of coffee, enjoyed in the morning being thrilled with the steam and the taste of it,which makes you start the day like a boss.Unfortunately the coffee can also have a bad taste so it’s better to make it ourselves. I know this analogy seems like an ad for some coffee brand,but its the truth the end we all want the world to function in the way that we enjoy small things,so the next time you’ll have coffee you’ll think to a better and flavored world to taste to.